Internet Marketing: tips for Internet Marketing

B2B internet marketing is different from other customer oriented marketing. It has its own set of rules to market a business, to target a business:

  1. Audience: Narrow down the target audience based on the following:
    1. Demographics: Interest, Age group
    2. Profession/Occupation
    3. Industry
    4. Geographic
  2. Platforms: Now you know the target audience, then the second step will be where to find them? List out all the platforms where you can find those audience

For example, If you offers B2B Salesforce app development services then you should go to a highly business oriented people at higher management position. You will find those people reading white paper, research reports, business statistics website etc.

How to connect with them?

In B2B internet marketing, the target audience always engage with useful, informative, fact based content available online. There you are!

You can publish your content and distribute with effective marketing channels related to your business niche like for Salesforce its Destination CRM publishes white paper and provide CEO reviews. That will be the right platform for Salesforce business targeting mid or large size firms.