Tips to Receive 5-Star Reviews Each Time!

App store optimization is a technique that everyone involved in app marketing is talking about! It calls for methods that increase an app’s discoverability and boosts its rankings. Amongst the many factors that are targeted in ASO, ratings and reviews happens to be the most important one as 60% of people look into this section of the app page, looking for a reason good enough to download it. Many ASO specialists say that this is a vital section of the app page that needs to be fully optimized, with many glowing reviews and high ratings. The goal of seeking a review from a user is either to gain some insight on what can be improved or to boost the ranking of the app. So, before we dive into how to get reviews for your app, let’s keep in mind that every user is different, and that determines how they should be approached for reviews.

Between the responsive and non-responsive users, we have a bunch of people who differ in the degree of readiness to give a review when asked for one. This is where pop-up strategies come into play and must be formulated carefully enough so that it put-off users and make them want to reject your request. Listed below are some ways you, as an app developer, can inculcate to get feedback as well as get reviews for your app:
A quick survey: as old as this method is, it is an effective way to really understand how well your app is doing with its users. The survey can include questions to do with users’ experiences, the app’s functionality and any further improvisations that the users would wish to suggest. In addition to being easy to understand, it’s recommended to frame the questions in such a way that it is not answered in a very complicated manner.
The good old feedback form: if a user is having a lot of problems with your app, the best way to let him voice it out is through a feedback form. This can save your app from a negative review on your app’s page and also provides a space for the user to properly express what they don’t like and how they want it changed.
Responsive customer service: in the age of the Internet and smart-devices, customer service has taken the form of instant messaging. With this feature embedded in your mobile app, disgruntled users can quickly seek help in no time. It’s important to have receptive customer service as angry users like to be taken seriously, and more importantly, quickly!
Prompts in the form of a pop-up: when a user is enjoying the app, is the perfect time to ask for a review and rating. Keep your request for a review or rating simple and do not come off as begging for one. This can easily irk users and deny your request, and the whole purpose of the pop-up is defeated. The pop-up mechanism can be used in other methods mentioned previously to get users to head over to their page and leave a nice review.

Timing is everything! Even after having all the above tactics on lock, it is important to shoot your request for a review at the right time. As mentioned before, the goal of getting reviews for your app is to not only use the feedback constructively but also to boost your app store rankings. Therefore, we suggest that the best time to ask for a rating or review is when a user has just completed a task successfully, using your app and is content with its functionality. Keeping the users happy can really help you get positive reviews to help boost your app!